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Who wants to start preparing for HSC 2021 in CBD !

By BBICollege, Posted on 25/11/2020

Good afternoon. Hope you guys are doing well 🙂

There are only two months left this year! Do you guys have any plans for Christmas and New year Holiday? I guess many people  thought that they visited Japan during the New year holiday, but we will be able to travel just only in Australia.

At the same time, a school student who is in year 11 starts studying for HSC 2021 in this time of year. Which language did you choose for you? I believe there are many people who chose Japanese Language. As you know, HSC examination is very important to choose a University. So those who aim for a high score at HSC will start additional measures in addition to school classes.

 We are the only school in Sydney that offers private lessons for HSC preparation in CBD. There are actually several students who are taking this course at the moment. We provide tailored lessons so that every student can develop their strength and improve their weakness. Also, we organise study groups to improve our teachers’ skills and analyse exam papers. This allows teachers to exchange ideas and opinions on HSC studies, which develops the quality of our lessons.

Our HSC Preparation course is provided by native and qualified Japanese teachers. They have experience in HSC and teaching Japanese fields for years.So if you would like to prepare for HSC, we are happy to offer private lessons for you.

We usually closed the school during Christmas and New year holiday. However we have got many queries and we have just decided that we will be running the private class during Holiday. So if you would like to start taking private lessons now or Christmas holiday, we are able to offer it for you 🙂 Let’s take measures against HSC from now on and make a difference with those around us!!

The details of Private Lessons are as follows :

$55 for 1h (50mins+10mins break) each, $530 for 10hrs (10 times) with some discount
・Schedule is flexible as long as a teacher are available
・The content of the lesson is flexible as well depending on the student’s needs
You can choose how many hours you would like to take it and schedule for a lesson !
However we recommend all students choose 10 hours at the same time. if you choose 10 hours, we will discount the fee 🙂 please confirm this and if you have any questions, please let us know.

Ask us anythings 🙂


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