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What is the important point of choosing school ?

By BBICollege, Posted on 25/11/2020

What parts do you pay attention to when choosing a school 🙂 ? 

Hello everyone! What parts do you pay attention to when choosing a school ? we think you may be paying attention to the type of course, tuition fees, textbooks, etc…, when choosing a school. So I would like to introduce our college by paying attention to (1) course (2)Tuition (3) textbooks this time.!

(1) Japanese Couese in BBI College

The feature of BBI college is that it offers many classes, not only General Japanese courses. So you are able to choose the course that is suitable to achieve your goals.  We offer ①General Course ②JPLT Course③HSC Prepare course ④Private lesson Course ⑤Special Beginner course.

If you would like to check the detail of each courses, please see this page → Japanese course in BBIC


BBI College is the only Japanese college in Sydney that offers HSC Preparation course !! Our HSC Preparation course is provided by native and qualified Japanese teachers. They have experience in HSC and teaching Japanese fields for years.We provide tailored lessons so that every student can develop their strength and improve their weakness. Also, we organise study groups to improve our teachers’ skills and analyse exam papers. This allows teachers to exchange ideas and opinions on HSC studies, which develops the quality of our lessons. So if you or your children would like to organise for HSC examination, please contact us, we are happy to help you 🙂

(2) Tuition in BBI College

As you can check our website, we charge $360.00 a term  with group classes. So it’s completed in 8 weeks and one lesson is 2 hours(including break time).  2 hours × 8 weeks = 16 hours in total! As for private lessons, we charge $530.00 each for 10 lessons with private classes. It will be completed in 10 weeks and one lesson is 1 hour(including break time). 1 hour × 10 weeks = 10 hours in total!


BBIC does not change tuition fees depending on the time of day or day of the week!! I think some people who would like to learn Japanese works on the weekdays and would like to take class at night or on Saturday.  We are not asking these people for additional costs. You are able to choose the time whenever you would like! So please feel free to let me know which time schedule is suitable for you:-).

(3)Textbook in BBI College

We use the textbook which is called “Japanese for busy people  “”Minnano-Nihongo””中級を学ぼう”.


“Japanese for busy people ” is the only textbook for adults that has explanations in Japanese and English in one volume ! So you do not have to buy other books and you are able to study by yourself outside lesson hours. In addition, You are able to learn about daily life and business scenes in Japanese as well. So if you are thinking about whether you will visit or work in Japan in the future, this is the one of the best books for it.

BBI College has many features.! If you would like to know more details about us, please feel free to ask us :-). We are always happy to talk to you !!

Ask us anythings 🙂


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