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Japanese Course Term2 has been kicked off!!

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 14/09/2018

Japanese course Term2 has been kicked off!!

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Welcome to BBICollege Japanese Language, new students!!


Some new students join our Japanese Beginner1 course and started learning Japanese on Tuesday.

They began with self-introduction, sounds easy but still have lots to work on!

And the structure you use in self-introduction is the fundamental of grammar structure that you will develop them more complicated afterwords.


Japanese Upper-Beignner1

They just finished Beginner3 last term and go on to the next level!

At Upper-Beginner level, students are expected that they use the basics they learned at Beginner and develop their knowledge to use in actual communication. For example, they studied Topics are still familiarised with daily life and some more vocabularies are introduced upon their individual needs.



Advanced3 has not started yet, but will next week.

Students requested that they would like to learn about Japanese society along the business scene. Some of them want to watch videos of news that Japanese natives are speaking in natural speed, which they stopped for a while at Advanced2 as they focused on Keigo (Japanese polite language style) and business manner.

Term3 application is now open.

The following course of three of them above will be open.

Beginner2 followed by Beginner1 and Upper-Beginner2 followed by Upper-Beginner1.

And we are considering to open a new course for Advanced course finisher. It will be a course consisted of broaden topics regarding Japan and Japanese so that students will be able to continue their study and keep their Japanese language skill. Do not miss out what is coming up!!!

For other courses, please inquire us.


Private lessons are also available for any purpose of Japanese study (other than HSC. we have HSC preparation course for high school students who is learning HSC Japanese.)

After the students in Private lessons came back from holiday, they tend to set up/revise their goal for Japanese study. One of my student wants to take JLPT this year and another one wants to go to Japan and work there next year. Is this because it is the beginning of year? Anyways, it is great to hear from students they got accurate goal and work towards it!


Apply now to reserve your seat or contact us for further information!!



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