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The Course of Term 4 is about to start!

By Admin, Posted on 24/07/2018

For those of you who are considering to learn Japanese in a group lesson,

now it’s good chance to apply for our varieties of courses before new term, Term 4, opens!

Term 4 starts from the second week of August (6th~10th),

so please try apply it before it starts so that you won’t have to wait for another term…! 🙂

If you are interested, please let us know via application form (please feel free to sent the application form even if you were still deciding if you really would like to take a course or not. It’s not for confirming your application and more for knowing about your interest. So please don’t be scared. 🙂 )

The good points of group lesson is :

  1. you can study with your friends or make friends there who have interest in common
  2. probably makes you more comfortable to take lessons in a cozy small group
  3. more reasonable price than private lessons

Regarding to the 3. above, we can actually put more discounts for the particular course.

“Beginner 3” urgently looking for new people to apply!

If your Japanese level was already at the level of beginner 3, it’s going to be a lucky news.

For the level of Beginner 3, you’re expected to

  1. be able to read hiragana letters already
  2. know grammars of -ませんか、-ましょう etc., adjective + noun (ex. さくらは きれいな はなです), あげますandもらいます, use of particles を,は,に, ありますand います, いきます, これ,それ, and あれ, aはbです

If you are already confident of these above or probably can catch up before/as the course starts,

please contact us and get the discounts!

Enrollment Fee $50 →$30

Lesson Fee $360→$330 for the applicants of Beginner 3!

Please do contact us even if you consider yourself probably the other level.

Various levels of group lessons are available here. 🙂

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