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Japanese Beginner Course from March

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 22/11/2018

Japanese Beginner Course

Japanese Beginner1 Course starts from 13th March.
Seats are limited. Do not miss out your chance!!

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Once you are interested in Japan, you should start to learn Japanese!! Language is a part of culture and studying language allows you further understanding of the culture.


Japanese Beginner1

Beginner1 is for completely beginner.
We use the indirect method (teaching Japanese in English) because students will be more confident to understand what the teacher says and participate in class. Each class is designed along with the textbook, Japanese for Busy People, and the students will be able to learn the grammar structures through a variety of activities.

This course aims to:
– Learn basic Japanese.
– Understand Japanese writing systems and culture throughout useful expressions.
– Be able to do self-introduction, talk about daily routine and activities.

Contents of this course are:
– Meeting people (Self-introduction, Talking about objects nearby)
– Shopping (Prices, Business hours, Amount, Size, Colour)
– Getting around (Talking about schedule, Dates and Times, Describing what is inside the building)


Course detail;
Start date: 13th March
Day&Time: Tuesdays 6-8pm
Fee: $330 for 8 sessions (Enrollment fee $50 exclusive)




Apply now to reserve your seat or contact us for further information!!

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