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Highly satisfied BBIC’s lesson, they fit so much into just an hour

By BBICollege, Posted on 11/03/2024

Student’s Testimonialas 2 at BBIC Japanese Language School

Konnichiwa! Hope you enjoy the rest of summer time in Sydney as the summer time will be end at next month but as you know here is still hot and warm and confortable atmosphere around here. Also here in BBIC Japanese Language School is sitll hot and fun, we feel it from Japanese learners here as we have so many mates in the class.

Now we open for new application form for Term 2 which will be started from the next week of 18 March 2024. Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions regarding Japanese classes, we are more than happy to advise how you will do it and which class is suitable for you.

We also open free trial lesson(observe) and free assessment which is easier to understand the atomsphere about our college and get to know your Japanese level before you decide. Please come and see us ! and hope you will be the students with us jorning you Japanese world.

However please note that there are a few sopts in certain class like the Begginer Class strating from 21 Mar 2024, which has Only 2 seats are available. The availability of other levels, please see the blog news recently up.

 Hurry up! Only a few spots in some levels in Term 2 2024!

Today, we would like to share the infromation regarding testimonial from the student at BBIC. As I posted on the title, she feels that BBIC ecperience 100% helped me gain coficence in speaking Japanese.

Student Name:E. N(vol2)
Occupation: Bakery assistant and University student
When started : July 2023
Class: Private lesson

Q.Please rate your satisfaction about BBIC’s lesson(full point is 10)
The reason why?
Highly satisfied with the BBIC’s lesson, I have even recently increased my learning to twice a week even though they fit so much into just an hour slot.

Q.What do you want to do with Japanese language in the future? / What are your future goals?
I would love to live in Japan in the future, especially near the countryside where I can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring and go north in winter to ski. Other than wanting to live there, other benefits include it being great for your brain health as knowing/learning another language correlates with lower rates of certain brain diseases such as dementia. Additionally, stating that you know another language on your resume can be seen as a benefit to employers.

Q.Please give me some advise for people who wants to start study Japanese !
Japanese is one of the hardest languages to learn in the world (especially translating from English) so overall don’t feel bogged down if you’re not progressing at the rate you’re expecting to. It does take dedication but being able to practice with someone who not only knows Japanese but is able to teach it from english can help you learn Japanese at a much much faster rate than if you decide to learn through audio files, textbooks and duolingo (don’t get me wrong, I use those myself but they are not as effective if you can’t practice what you have learnt on a real human being)

From the above results, you may find that BBIC is a school that can be recommended to various people. Each teacher first grasps the goals and needs of the students, and then adjusts the lesson planning and curriculum for them according to the students. For example, some of BBIC students receive full-time work. The teacher prepares teaching materials so that even such people can learn Japanese without burden, and devises so that they can learn happily. In addition, many of the students studying Japanese at BBBIC are highly motivated, and everyone is working hard in both group and private classes.

Actually BBIC proudly boasts one of the highest student satisfaction rates of all Japanese language schools in Australia and our retention rate is also extremely high. All teachers are native speakers born in Japan, and have ample experience teaching Japanese. They strive not just to teach the language, but to keep students happy and motivated.

So it may be recommended for those who want to learn Japanese in such an environment!

We are always looking forward to your application and contacts. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in this result. We are currently accepting new applications for Term 2 2024. You can check the details from the link below, so please check

Now we offer Free Japanese lesson and Free assessment!


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Please confirm these things and if you would like to know more details, please feel free to ask us :-). We are always happy to talk to you !!

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