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HSC Japanese Speaking Exam

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 24/06/2017

HSC Preparation – Japanese Speaking Exam

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HSC Japanese Beginners’ oral Exam is coming this Saturday!!

Good luck for your exam to all the students who are making effort for Japanese study so far!!!


For HSC Japanese speaking test, practice is the most important!

But how would you practice speaking and how would you assess your speaking?

We are the solution!

Experienced and qualified teachers will be able to help you to get higher mark in HSC Japanese.
They teach/brush up your grammar and teach how you can put them into your sentences naturally. They are all native Japanese speakers and that is why we can help your HSC study!

In HSC Japanese speaking, we believe it is important to answer the question straight away with:

– using grammar structures and vocabularies that you learned,

– adding extra information and comment like what you think about/why you think so, and

– using unique experience and/or favourite to broaden expression.

From my experience to help high school students to take HSC Japanese for the last several years, it is more important to organise your answer than prepare and memorise the answers. Yes, many students try to remember what they are going to answer as the questions that the examiner will ask are presented in advance. However, how the examiner develops the question is different. I heard that a student memorised every single question perfectly and practiced in the same order every time. When the student took the exam, the examiner developed the question in different way from the way the student practiced. It is obvious that the student got panicked and could not get great mark.

Also, unique ideas tend to lead higher mark as that reveals the student has ability to describe his/her original experience but not general information about Japanese experience.

Therefore, we provide HSC preparation course as private session to develop every student’s ability and skill in language. We also do not want the students to stop their Japanese study after finishing HSC, but want them to continue for further understanding of Japanese language and Japan.

This is what the Australian government expects the students through learning different languages, and we strongly agree with the policy.

As HSC Preparation course is private lesson, lessons is completely based on the student’s needs. We believe that study style is different from each students as they have own personalities. So we take care of their strength and weakness to improve their Japanese language skills.

HSC Japanese Beginners / Continuers / Extension / Heritage are available.

The schedule will be organised with the student and the teacher. So it is flexible for your school calender and you can start as soon as possible!



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