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Japanese traditional phrases -Yamatokotoba やまとことば-

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 02/11/2017

Japanese traditional phrases -Yamatokotoba やまとことば-


Advanced 1 class currently learn やまとことば Yamatokotoba which origin in Japan.

As you might know, we have a lot of vocabularies from overseas.

Katakana words usually came from other languages.


Personally, when I hear やまとことば Yamatokotoba, I feel nostalgia and more polite even though we use some やまとことば Yamatokotoba in daily conversation.

Like I’m wearing Kimono and talk like a elegant lady.




So, here is what Advanced course students learned やまとことば Yamatokotoba so far.



Similar to いっしょうけんめい issho-kenmei

ひたむきな is used when someone is working very hard and focusing on one thing.

Even if it is nor going well, the person keeps doing and does not give up until he/she achieve a goal.

e.g.) メアリーさんは にほんにいきたいので、にほんごの べんきょうを ひたむきに がんばっている。



Similar to かんどうする kando-suru

むねにせまる is literary to get close to your heart, and used when something impresses you.

e.g.) きのうみた えいがは むねにせまるものが あった。



Similar to おこる okoru (to get angry)

It is not about くじら kujira (whales).

めくじら mekujira is the edge of eye/s.

Imagine to raise up the edge of your eye/s, and you look like… get angry.

e.g.) シドニーのでんしゃは よくおくれますが、あまり めくじらを たてないでください。



Didn’t you feel something different?






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