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Learning Tips for Japanese: Episode3 Particle「に」

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 19/02/2018

Learning Tips for Japanese: Episode3 Particle 「に」

Who is struggled with particles in Japanese?

Today I’m gonna talk about particle 「に」.



Particle 「に」 is not complicated but it many meanings like particle 「に」.

Now, let’s have a look them!


Particle 「に」 has 8 meanings and surprisingly you learn all of them at beginner level!

In other word, Particle 「に」 is really important and you are already kind of a particle master when you finish Beginner class. I will introduce some of them today.


Ok. Which meaning is usually introduced first in beginner’s textbook?





You will see 「かいしゃ いきます」 first in the textbook.


① Place 「に」 (Destination)

Let’s talk about destination 「に」 first because 「に」 has another ‘Place 「に」’ which I will mention in ②.

This is used for telling destination such as;

あした バスで がっこう いきます。 (I am going to school by bus.)

So the place you mentioned above is a place you are moving to.


② Place 「に」 (Existence)

When you want to express something exists in/at somewhere, you will use particle 「に」.

トイレは デパートの1かい あります。(Toilet is on the first floor in the department store.)

How can you find whether Existence 「に」 or Destination 「に」?

Existence 「に」 is followed by あります/います



③ Frequency 「に」

1しゅうかん 1かい にほんごを べんきょうしています。(I study Japanese once a week.)

When we talk about frequency, we use particle 「に」.

Be careful, English speaker. In Japanese, the denominator comes first and the number of times follows after. They are connected with 「に」.



Now you are clear about particle 「に」!!!



Our teachers will clearly answer your questions about particles!!!

Let’s join our Japanese lesson!!

Beginner1 starts from 13th March!!

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