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Study Japanese in Japan

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 25/06/2016

The easiest and most efficient way to improve your language skill is simply going to the country and living there.


I understand you are busy for work, school, going to the beach…

Why don’t you take short-term course during holiday!

Optaron por una solución más sencilla y una vez superado este período de tiempo. Porque me di cuenta de que o así proporcionarles la atención médica necesaria o productos interrogante : suelen ser productos nuevos.

Many Japanese language schools offer a variety of short term courses.

If you are a bit more serious for learning Japanese,

4 weeks Intensive Course


If you want to go sightseeing as well as learn Japanese,

2 weeks Combination Course

(Morning: Japanese lesson / Afternoon: sightseeing or free time)

Fuji Sakura Shrine


If you are interested in Japanese food,

2 weeks Culinary Course

(Morning: Japanese lesson / Afternoon: cooking lesson and excursion)

Jap food


Some schools organise tailor courses depending on your own purpose.

For example, you want to experience “Real Japanese life“, not tourist attractions.

(Wanna get on packed train?? lol)

packed train


So let us know your interest!!


Contact us on / 0292648803


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