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2 weeks to go !! Fun&Learn in Japan Information session

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 08/09/2017

2 weeks to go!!

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Information session will be on 23&24 June!!


Free entrance.

Ideas for your trip to Japand and/or Japanese study


Inter-culture Language Academy 

is located in Kobe and has really friendly and comfortable atmosphere so that the oversea students feel like at home.
They organise a lot of activities such as calligraphy, day trip, city tour like other Japanese Language schools but what they are different is that they listen to students needs and wants.

If students like Sake, they take the students to a famous Sake brewery.
If students like Japanese castle, they take the students to Himeji Castle.

Short course          [ POPULAR]

Flexible duration based on your schedule (available from 1 week)

Japanese lesson in the morning

Free time/Cultural activity/short trip in the afternoon

One-day trip on weekends


Do you know what is famous in Kobe?







Kobe is also famous for the night view.

It is said that it $10,000 to light up per night.

(It is just said that…. I think….)


As Kobe has Seto-nai Sea in front and Hakko mountain at the back,
entertainments and attractions are unlimited!!

Day trip to Kyoto and/or Osaka is available.


Let’s go to Kobe!!


For more info, plz contact us.




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