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Japanese Food Episode5: おかし Okashi (Snack&Sweets)

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 16/11/2017

Japanese Food Episode5: おかし Okashi (Snacks&Sweets)


おかし Okashi means snacks and sweets in Japanese.

おかし Okashi includes a lot.


✓Chocolate – yes they are おかし Okashi


✓Gummy/Candy – yes they are おかし Okashi


✓Snack – yes they are おかし Okashi





✓Japanese traditional sweets – yes they are おかし Okashi


✓Japanese rice cracker – yes they are おかし Okashi


△Cake – well… they are categorised in おかし Okashi but cakes don’t really come up in my mind when we say おかし in general.




Japanese snacks and sweets are popular in many countries.

But I guess Australia has not discovered much yet.

Yesterday, a student brought Japanese snack パイの実(ぱいのみ、pai no mi).

Then, we were talking about Japanese おかし Okashi for a while.

Flavour, texture, creative idea… etc

Oh by the way, パイの実(ぱいのみ, pai no mi)is chocolate おかし Okashi covered with pie pastry.


Here is another story.

When I visit my Australian ‘family’, I always get Japanese おかし Okashi for kids.

They love おかし Okashi soooooooo much!!

They said to Mum: ‘I’ll move to Japan and buy all of the Japanese snacks!!!’

I couldn’t stop laughing.

‘Why are you laughing?! I’m serious!!’

That made me laugh more. ‘So why do you like Japanese snack and sweet so much?’

‘Because it’s yummy, it’s tasty, and it has more flavour.’

‘So you don’t like Australian snack and sweets then?’

‘I like them, but I love Japanese ones more now.’

Such a lovely response❤


Here is their recommendations for all who have not tried Japanese おかし Okashi yet.

Caramel candy (Milk Caramel by Morinaga company)


Soft candy (Puccho by UHA company)

Chocolate with crunchy biscuit (Koala no March by LOTTE company)


Cheese cracker (Cheeza by Glico company)


Please try them when you see at Japanese/Asian grocery stores.



I have my own recommendation by the way.

Please join my class and I will tell you:)


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