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NEW: Japanese PLUS course open from Term3 June

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 04/04/2018

NEW: Japanese PLUS course open from Term3 June


Japanese PLUS is open in June!

We got a lot of requests to open a course after Advanced course and/or maintain their Japanese language skill continuously. So we decided to open a new course for those learners.

The biggest difference from Advanced course is that students maintain their Japanese language skill. At Advanced course, new vocabulary and grammar structures are introduced to develop their knowledge. The level of materials such as newspapers and videos are getting difficult when you move on through Advanced1 to Advanced3.

At Japanese PLUS course, we nicknamed 「Jプラ」, new vocabulary and expressions will be introduced but we do not focus on grammar structures. That’s why we do not put level number for Jプラ.

The teacher will provide you a topic and Japanese PLUS students will work on a project during one term and achieve the project through interactive activities such as interviewing with Japanese speakers, discussion about related topics, and researching articles.


Japanese PLUS applicants are required to take a placement test or provide Japanese study back ground such as JLPT or HSC.

Please inquire us for more information.

Course time&date details are coming soon!!! Be updated!!!


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