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[Seat Limited] Japanese Beginner $100/8session in Sydney

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 12/10/2017

[Seat Limited] Japanese Beginner Lesson in Sydney CBD $100/8session

Special Japanese Beginner Course

One of our popular Japanese courses, Special Beginner will start on 2nd November!!
(This is the last chance to start learning Japanese in a group within this year!!)


This course is for completely beginner.
You will learn from the basic Japanese grammar and useful expressions that you can use while travelling in Japan.


The big difference from General Japanese Beginner is that we use the direct method (teaching Japanese in Japanese) because students will be more confident to understand what the teacher says and practice oral language skill in class. Each class is designed along with the textbook, Japanese for Busy People, but we are not just reading the textbook. Students will be able to learn the grammar structures through a variety of activities.


This course aims to:
– Learn basic Japanese
– Understand Japanese writing systems and culture throughout useful expressions
– Be able to do self-introduction, talk about daily routine and activities.


Course information

Course name: Japanese Special Beginner
Start date: 02 November (End date: 25 January 2018)
Thursday 6:00pm-7:30pm
$100 / 8sessions


Students are not required to know the Japanese writing system but it will be easier to be familiar with Japanese language if you preview some.

Inquiry for Japanese Special Beginner Course

Applying for Japanese Special Beginner Course

TEL: 02-9264-8803

Email: info@bbicollege.com

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