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7 days to go!! Fun&Learn in Japan Information session

By Ayako sensei, Posted on 15/10/2017

7 days to go!!

Just can’t wait to see you all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23 June Fri 5pm-8pm

24 June Sat 10am-4pm


I would like to introduce ECC Japanese Languages Institute today.

ECC is really well known as an English school in Japan for a long time, and they have a lot of experience in educational field especially in language. Therefore, they understand how the students progress when they learn languages.

ECC has both long term and short term course and the students are not mixed, so long-term students can focus on their goals such as going to university and short-term students can focus on improving daily conversation at separated campus.

However, of course, ECC knows that higher-level students bring lower-level students up in each language skill. They provide a lot of opportunities to gather throughout a variety of activities such as excursion, cultural experiences.


Another feature of this school is the location.

I have introduced some schools in Tokyo, Kobe, Sapporo… and all are famous tourist’s destination.

Here, ECC Japanese Languages Institute is located in Nagoya!!

To be honest, Nagoya is one of my favourite cities in Japan.
What I like the most is the mixture of culture of East and West regions in Japan as Nagoya is located in the middle of Japan.

Short-term students can choose either morning or afternoon lesson, so they can explore Nagoya in deep:)

Nagoya-castle is famous icon in Nagoya city.

Can you see something gold on the top?

Golden fish!!

Not goldfish, he is an imaginary animal.

But gorgeous, it explains everything about Nagoya.



OK, it’s time to talk about the food!!

Unagi-Eel lovers!!

Hitsumabushi is for you!!

Nagoya people eat katsu with miso source.

Nagoya people eat udon noodle with miso soup

Chicken wings are absolutely delicious!!


For more information, come to the information session!!

Inquiry: info@bbicollege.com / 02-9264-8803


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